Protecting Beach Babies During Summer Angling

Summers are busy seasons in Sarasota. Visitors flock here from across the country and around the world – not only people but the feathered variety as well! Florida beaches are home to vulnerable sea and shorebirds that nest right on the sand in tiny indents, well-camouflaged to beachgoers and surf-casting anglers alike.

Black Skimmers and Least Terns all nest close to the dunes and are protected by the State of Florida. Harming their nests or chicks – whether accidentally or on purpose – can result in fines. Don’t worry! Follow a few simple rules and you can enjoy fun fishing days while protecting these feathered beach babies.


How to protect beach-nesting birds:

·       Respect posted areas, even if you don’t see any birds inside.

·       If birds dive-bomb you, carefully move away as there may be a nest or chicks nearby.

·       Ensure no trash or food remnants are left behind, as this can attract predators.

·       Keep dogs off the beach, on board your boat, or at home.

·       Remain alert for rooftop nesting colonies in coastal areas.

·       Consider joining our volunteer bird stewardship flock!

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