Quick Fly Fishing Fixes

Quick Fly Fishing Fixesby Rene J. Hesse

Here are some things that happen every day to every caster and a few ways to fix them.

There is not enough line out of the rod tip to make a cast: Put the rod tip in the water and sweep it back and forth until you can attempt a roll cast or two to help pull out the line.

You need to get the fly in your hand: With a rod length of line or two out of your rod tip, raise your rod tip up till you can get the fly line to lay across your hand and then do a roll cast off to the side and let the line slip through your fingers until you can pinch it next to your fly.

The line is twisted from a spinning fly: Take the fly off and make several long casts. You could also drag the line behind the boat or let it sweep downstream.

The line is ‘kicking’ over at the end of the cast: Try lengthening the leader a foot at a time until the energy is dissipated.

At the end of the cast the leader is swinging in a curve off to the side: Make the forward cast in more of a vertical position.

Back cast is ticking the water: Aim the trajectory of the back cast up (sounds simple but we often have to stop and think about it). Increase your line speed, tighten your loops by not breaking your wrist and start your forward cast a little earlier.

Line is bouncing back in the air on the forward cast: Stop stepping on the line (works for me), aim your cast lower toward your target rather than up high. Aiming your back cast up higher will aid in keeping the straight line path of the rod tip (180 degree rule) to your target.

The line is not tight when you start forward on the haul: Increase your haul on the back cast to increase the line speed that is being sent in the opposite direction of your forward cast.

There is never enough time to go fly fishing: If anyone has a cure for that, let me know.