How Rich Ortiz Ended Up on The Angler Magazine Cover

Rich Ortiz smiles over his clutch catch. Go to for more on Rich’s fishing and music.

Ever since we started The Angler Magazine of Upstate NY last July, several well-connected fishermen informed me that it would be a home run for Saratoga/Lake George entertainer Rich Ortiz to be a contributor, since he was as into the outdoors as he is to his music. I’m originally from the Syracuse area, and was familiar with Rich’s music while visiting Saratoga. When the guys at FISH307,, invited me to their annual Ice Fishing seminar, they advised me that Rich Ortiz was planning a “monster pike” seminar, and they were confident he would share his tactics with The Angler Magazine readers, so we collaborated on a Monster Pike ice fishing article. When Mr. Ortiz found out I was a beginner to ice fishing and new to the Saratoga/Lake George Area, he and Joe Greco of Justy Joe Charters,, patiently started taking me and showing me the areas ice tactics and nuances. They both certainly helped improve our content, and each has been providing outstanding how-to features since.

Just prior to the 4th of July weekend, the national content directors of The Angler/Coastal Angler were in a tight spot time wise for the August freshwater cover and requested if I could attain a colorful, impressive largemouth for the cover, but they wanted it to be a big bass. I asked when do you need it by? They replied they were hoping by tomorrow.

Huh, who do I know who could catch a largemouth in Upstate NY that would impress a bunch of Southerners, and wow them with artistic professionalism? CONFERENCE CALL RICH ORTIZ!!

Rich spoke directly with the art director, his production experience was obvious, Rich understood what they wanted. Now the tricky part. Go catch some lunkers. Since he was fishing with his go-to partner Chad later that morning, Rich got into clutch mode (for those who fish with Rich know that is often) and hooked and landed an impressive 6 1/2 lb trophy on the second cast. Loyal fishing partner Chad unselfishly sacrificed a broken fishing rod to net the beast so they could dispatch friend and professional photographer Louis Torres to the undisclosed Lake George Area water to take some professional shots. But Rich wasn’t done yet. Why not be double fisted with trophy largies when Mr. Torres gets here, so Rich scored a slightly smaller but equally impressive partner.

The Angler Magazine thanks everyone in the community for reading and getting involved with our publication. Well Done Rich.