Road Trip Fishing: Outside!


By Keith Lozott Contributing Writer

Like most of us who are now die hard anglers, I started fishing for bass as a kid; casting plastic worms of all colors, hoping to get a bite.  As I aged a little and I mean a little, I started fishing with my dad at the Riviera Beach FPL docks for snappers and the numerous species that inhabit the area.  I loved going there whenever I could get the chance.  I started figuring out where to cast shrimp when a ship was docked close by to get a snapper, a trigger fish or anything swimming hooked up.  I then graduated to fishing in the “lake” as we called the Lake Worth Lagoon in those days.  There were a bunch of little man made reefs and flats around Munyon Island and Peanut Island (prior to development), that offered us the opportunity to catch fish. One of my favorite spots was Kelsey Park. We rode our bikes there with our cast nets and fishing rods to net finger mullet and catch jacks for hours. We would fish rain or shine.  One time, we even took shelter under park benches during a rainstorm, anticipating a hungry jack blowup on our mullet.

I cannot begin to tell you how valuable growing up outdoors and on the water was to me as a kid.  I seriously believe in my heart of hearts and clear thinking mind that I wouldn’t have prospered as an adult without this experience. The new way of life leads me to wonder what the current generation of kids is doing spending so much time in the world of electronics.  It isn’t healthy for a child’s mental state or body to be sitting in a room, sucked into screen time for hours on end. I’m not preaching as I find myself at a loss most of the time trying to get my daughter out of the house.  When she goes out on the boat, I see her face light up in the sun and in the water at the sandbar. She smiles when we’re going over boat wakes (safely) and the boat is cruising in the channel. I will say it’s hard to get her out fishing or on the boat, but I haven’t given up on her yet!

No matter what your circumstances are with your children, do your best to encourage them to get out of the house. Especially in this day and age! COVID has added to the problem and these kids cannot afford to be stuck in the house any longer.  Take it from me, I deal with it on a daily basis and the better you are at including the kids in your outside activities the better they will be for it.  Until next time, take a kid fishing!!!

Keith Lozott The Fishing Realtor