Sail Into A New Season

By: Jessica Harris

Did someone say fall? As summer has ended, we’re expected to see the sailfish rolling in through October and November months. Too chilly is never an issue here, the good thing about Florida is fishing year-round! Yep, the captains always love that one. We’re still seeing the mahi mahi bite which is always a fun and tasty fish to see, not to mention a pretty one. As pictured, I always tend to find a school, but I’m not complaining! They make the best tacos and always so unique in color. The full moons may also have the wahoo biting, too which is another tasty fish. But what a lot of anglers from all over the world come to find in the fall months aren’t the ones you catch to eat, but the ones you catch to admire. They are the majestic sails. Their colors are bright and they’re feeding quick. Something about that little dance they do always has people coming back for more! When I caught the sailfish pictured, he was so quick to get the bait that he nearly broke his bill on the boat. Not to mention he wasn’t even hooked, he was bill wrapped and another sail was right behind him chasing the same bait. The boat may have got a few scratches on it this go round but they will always have a story to tell. Talk about a nerve wrecker and a sight to see! He swam off to see another day and hopefully make a wonderful fishing story for the next angler. The sailfish is a good and safe bet for a bucket list fish for anyone. It’s an exhilarating, beautiful and one-of-a-kind catch. Whether you catch 1 or 25, the adrenaline is always the same. I have also tagged a sailfish before which I recommend anyone doing if they’re able. It’s so neat to see how they live, what they try to eat, where they travel to, etc. I’ve noticed that a hardy live bait on the kite always does the trick. You must bribe those suckers but once you get one, it’s worth the wait. Make sure to keep them living and make the photos quick. They’re a heavy fish so they need the best care! Get ready to become addicted to the chase, keep the flags flying and Happy Fishing!