CCA STAR Tournament, by Capt. Mike Anderson

CCA Florida STAR Tournament Cranks up For Year 3……CCA Florida has launched the 3rd year of it’s widely successful CCA … Jun 7th, 2017

Kids and Sharks, by Capt. Joel Brandenburg

On June 10th at Hooks at Little Harbor Resort in Ruskin FL, we will hold a Black Tip Shark Shootout … Jun 7th, 2017

Tarpon Time! by Eric Hensen

Well, it is that time of year again… Tarpon Time! I hope you and your tackle are ready because they … May 7th, 2017

Dad’s Tackle Box, By: Dick Braun

Last issue I talked about lures in those old tackle boxes.  This issue is about the reels in the garage, … May 7th, 2017

Time to go Tarpon Fishing! By Capt. Mike Manis

After months of working low tides around creeks and adjacent shorelines, it’s time to go tarpon fishing.  Now, that doesn’t … May 7th, 2017

The Magical Month of May, By Capt. Mike Anderson

May is the magical month where spring and summer collide although this year it seems spring has been here for … May 7th, 2017

Southwest Florida Offshore Fishing! By: Capt. Larry McGuire

It’s on! Fishing is as good as it gets all year!  Not too hot or too cold; the weather takes … May 7th, 2017

Tampa Bay Shark Fishing! By Captain Joel Brandenburg

  This time of year the food chain has reached it’s peak in the bay.  By now the baitfish have … May 7th, 2017

Bottom Painting, by Ron Gorka

Newcomers to Southwest Florida, and new to boating in the salt waters of the gulf and estuaries, can be taken … Apr 13th, 2017

Dad and Grandpa’s Old Tackle Box, by Dick Braun

By: Dick Braun, member NFLCC, ORCA – current VP, FATC What treasures are sitting in either of those old tackle … Apr 13th, 2017