Algal Blooms Threaten Coastal Fish Populations

It’s the hottest part of the year in Florida, increasing the risk of devastating algal blooms in our waterways and … Jun 30th, 2024

Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson This summer has been pretty hot and not very wet. Last year’s weather was very similar in these … Jun 30th, 2024

Hurricane Preparation

By: Brycin We all know hurricane season is here and is going to be here through the end of November. Nearly … Jun 30th, 2024

Protect Beach Wildlife from Fireworks this July Fourth Weekend

Thinking about taking fireworks out to the beach for an Independence Day celebration? Some things to keep in mind! Although … May 31st, 2024

June in Southwest Florida

By: Capt. Bart Marx In Southwest Florida, June is considered silver king time as the big schools of the migratory … May 31st, 2024

Fishin’ with Brycin

By: Brycin Blue crabbing is a fun and exciting way to explore our Florida waters. Blue crabs are a delicacy … May 31st, 2024

Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson Well, it is officially one of the hottest months out of the year down here in Southwest Florida! We’re … May 31st, 2024

Bald Eagles Rely on Careful Anglers

Boaters along Florida’s waterways often see Ospreys perched atop a channel marker or soaring overhead, but sometimes a closer look … Apr 30th, 2024

Tarpon Time

By: Capt. Bart Marx May in Southwest Florida we look for the white butterflies to appear which lets us know … Apr 30th, 2024

It’s That Time Again

By: Eric Henson It’s Tarpon Time everyone and this is generally the first time of year that I like to … Apr 30th, 2024

Fishin’ with Brycin

By: Brycin Snook Fishing, we all love them! The snook are starting to come in full force this summer. Snook … Apr 30th, 2024

Warming Waters

By: Capt. Bart Marx April in Southwest Florida marks the water temps getting warmer day by day. This is a … Mar 31st, 2024

Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson   April has arrived and the fishing is heating up! This time of year the fish are … Mar 31st, 2024

Snook Trip

By: Hunter Pence Many coastal anglers living in Florida are in search of big snook.  Joe, Trey Brooks and I, … Mar 30th, 2024

Fishin with Brycin

by Brycin, Hi, I am Brycin, I am a youth angler here in Southwest Florida.   I really got into … Mar 30th, 2024

Be a Friend to Brown Pelicans – Don’t Feed Them!

Brown Pelicans are icons of the Florida coast and waterfront. They loaf on beaches, perch on piers, and soar across … Feb 29th, 2024

Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson Well, I’m finally able to get back out on the water as my wrist is almost fully … Feb 29th, 2024

Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson I absolutely love this month because we still have the cooler temps but there will be spurts … Jan 31st, 2024

Kayak Fishing 2024

By: Eric Henson Happy New Year! It has been a pretty average winter here so far in Southwest Florida for … Dec 31st, 2023

Anhinga’s Swim for Their Food

With common names like water turkey, snakebird, and even devil bird, the Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) is a bird of folklore … Dec 1st, 2023