Sea Oats Added to the Lovers Key State Park Shoreline

Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. and Lovers Key State Park Host Joint Service Project

The colder temperatures early Monday morning did not stop Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. volunteers from planting sea oats at Lovers Key State Park.  Volunteers dedicated four hours to planting 2,000 sea oats covering 15,750 square feet in an effort to help stabilize the beach and provide a habitat for native critters.

Sea oats are the plants with the large plumes found along the beach that may look like weeds, but they are a vital part of the ecosystem.  Playing an important role in coastal conservation, the plant’s massive root system is capable of holding soil and sand in place during extreme weather like hurricanes and tropical storms.  The sea oat leaves and stems also trap wind-blown sand which helps to maintain the sand dunes.  The sand dunes protect the coast from erosion during high winds and storm surges.

Beach vegetation and dunes serve as a critical component to maintaining beach stability. Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. is dedicated to help protecting our beaches in our community.  The hard, grueling work of our volunteers in the sea oats planting event will have a lasting event in the life span of the beach at Lovers Key State Park.

About Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc.

Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc., established in 1989, is the county’s largest volunteer-based community action and education organization. This local nonprofit forms public-private partnerships and programs that engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments. For more information, visit

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