Seminole Junior Anglers Update – August 2022

Hello Friends of Seminole Junior Anglers,

Central Florida lakes are warming up with these hot summer days. With high water levels and temperatures in the nineties, concentrate your efforts early morning and look for some schooling bass for easier targets. With the rains hitting us each day, go find running water into and out of creeks and narrow openings in lakes. The deeper the water depth the better with August higher water temperature. Try docks and hydrilla mats and any area that offers up some shade for these bass. They are like us in the summertime, they want to stay cooler. A two- to-three degree drop in temperature is really big to these fish. They tend to eat more in the summer too. Try to catch numbers in the summertime. If you can find some hard bottom, shell, or attractors, that is another awesome summer pattern. Try a Carolina-rig or lipless crank bait over these areas. Our SJA teams are winding down the season. We had MacKenzie and Dalton Bailey compete in the TBF World Finals on Lake Pickwick, Alabama two weeks ago. This team finished a respectable top 50 out of 426 teams! They were able to catch the Pickwick Slam: a spot, large mouth, and small mouth. They had to be 15” in length and only a three fish limit. This team did a great job the entire 3 days of competition.

Next up for SJA is the BASS High School Nationals on Lake Hartwell, SC – August 10-13. Our national tournament will be held in August of this year in South Carolina. Team Florida is represented by more than 20 high school student anglers across the state. We have three SJA teams attending. Wish us luck and let me know if you might help support us? It costs about $2500 per team to lodge, travel, gas, and eat for the week. If you can donate even a little, please contact me: Dave DiMauro, Director, 407-353-4575. As always, thank you to all our great sponsors who continue to help support our team. Without the support of our friends and partners, we could not do what we do.