Seminole Junior Anglers Update – September 2020

Now that our new school year has begun, some students are schooling at home while others go back to traditional school. We all wonder if and when things might get back to a more normal world. Things have not changed in the angling world. It is one of the best ways to social distance. Get out on a boat in the fresh air and enjoy what old Mother Nature has to offer. Bass fishing is a great way to learn about how these green fish react to the weather, water conditions and to the many different types of baits or presentations it takes to catch them. Joining the Seminole Junior Angler program will also teach how to get along with a team partner and learn the best way to manage the strengths of each angler to put together a productive day on the water.

The Seminole Jr Angler program is looking for dedicated young high school anglers in Seminole County who would like to get involved and learn to become better fisherman and tournament anglers. Like most sports, fishing and being involved is not free. There are costs to be involved but what they get out of it can be used the rest of their lives and it also gives them a chance for college scholarship opportunities, fellowship, and local community services efforts. The Seminole Jr Angler program has turned out some of the areas’ best young anglers over the last several years including winning the BASS Nation High-School Team-of-the Year the past 2 years back-to-back. This had never been done in the high school fishing programs. If you or an angler you know wants to get involved please contact Coach Dave DiMauro at or at 407-353-4575.

This past season 2019-2020, the program has 2 teams qualified to represent the State of Florida at the up-coming BASS Nation High School National Tournament to be held October 17-24 at Kentucky Lake in Tennessee, over 150 Teams will be there. All of us in Central Florida are wishing them the best of luck!

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