Seminole Junior Anglers Update – September 2021

Labor Day is great reminder of the freedom we have in this country and the work that we do is really a gift. I just hope we can all be thankful for our many blessings and enjoy the day off from your job and hit the water in grand fashion. The day that I allow fishing to be work is the day that I hang up my rods for good. Enjoy the time on the water with your family and go fishing with them and create a memory that will last forever. Good luck fishing. It has been tough out there. Summertime heat is making it hard to find decent size fish. The smaller fish are plentiful, but the larger fish might be too pressured and just looking for some cooler temperatures.

Early morning and late evening are your best bet right now for largemouth bass fishing. Find a nice dock stretch that offers shade and some deep-water access and you will find some fish for sure. I recently took a morning off to head to Lake Dora and found some nice eel grass off a dock stretch. It went from 3 ft to about 6 ft. I threw a trick worm in shallow and dragged the worm through the grass and worked it slowly in the deeper water. We also threw a square bill that went about 5 ft deep and picked up some nice 2 lb fish. Altogether we had about 12 fish and only one over 4 lbs. Our SJA season starts this month. We are looking for some great student anglers to fill out our roster. Students and parents please contact Dave to get on the team! If you would like to make a contribution or partner with us this year, please contact me. Dave DiMauro – Director SJA- Thank you to Orlando Coastal Angler Magazine for sharing this space each month!