Smoking Hot Summer

By: Eric Henson 

Each day is getting a little bit shorter which gets us a bit closer to fall and as we head into the next season, this will trigger one of my favorite fish feeding frenzy times of the year! Fish will be schooled up and feeding heavily to prepare for the cooler months ahead. Look for birds diving as these fish push the remaining bait schools to the surface with violent crashes exploding the tops of the water! Trust me if you can get any type of bait in the middle, it is game on!

Trout- Look for them to be in the 3-6 ft. depth range. They will be hanging out on drop offs and deeper grass-flats where the water temps are still a little cooler. Most snook will generally be stacked up in the passes and on the beaches for their annual spawn. Keep your eyes open for pods of them hanging close together and don’t be surprised if you run into larger schools as well.

This is one of my favorite months of the year for redfish. These fish will be joining forces in huge schools scouring the flats for their next meal. A lot of the redfish will be upper to over-slot fish but tons of fun to catch!

Sometimes at this time of year they become a little picky. When they are schooled up at this time of year, it is mainly for spawning purposes and that will be primarily the only thing on their minds. So, either move on to find another more cooperative school or try to patiently wait them out.  Maybe even save one or two of those pesky pinfish or lady fish to use for a little cut bait. Sometimes a piece of chunk bait on a circle hook can be the golden ticket!

Be sure to be safe, stay hydrated, and respect your fellow anglers on the waters at all times! There is plenty of water out there for everyone. Tight lines and Tight knots to all!