Some of the Best Weather and Bite of the Year

By: Capt. Armando Alejo

This is the time of the year where the weather and the bite are some of the best of the year! On a recent charter, we were reunited with a great group of high school friends and seeing them for the first time in more than twenty-five 25 years.  On this particular trip, our goal was to fill an ice chest with our targeted species of fish – and that we did. My friend Danny along with his family and I headed out to the Intracoastal Waterways as the weather this day was a little too windy to go offshore.  We focused on mangrove snapper first and in very short order we hit our limit with a few other species sprinkled in.  I spoke to my group about a goliath in an area that I know roams but just haven’t seem to be able to land him and figured we would go try to locate him today and attempt to get it aboard. We worked for just a few minutes in this area and had a few break off’s before we had hooked our goliath out of the woodwork. I was amazed! It gave a good fight but lost at the hands of a great, young female angler we had aboard. Abigail fought this fish and brought it to the boat where it was photographed and released to go fight another day.  As our day was drawing to a close, I figured I would give my group a solid closing to the day with a shot at some redfish and snook.  As we approached our last spot of the day on the trolling motor, I was watching some bait busting action in an area close to shore, and we quickly boated more snook, a limit of redfish and a tarpon all in this SAME spot!  My client aboard Ernie said, I never thought that this area could hold so many big fish in one spot. The group and I shared some great high school stories along the way, and had, by fish story standards an EPIC fishing trip.