South County Inshore & Freshwater: Aug. 2021

By Capt. Patrick Smith Contributing Writer

Abby came from Cabo and caught a nice clown.

Welcome to the August fishing forecast for Palm Beach County. Nearshore you should be able to get into king fish pretty easily, just look for the fleet and fish the same approximate depth. Drifting live pilchards or frozen sardines will get you hooked up. Remember, it is a good idea to use a small trace of wire for those toothy critters, but do not go too heavy with it. Next, I head towards the beach to look for schools of tarpon, where a live bait or crab is going to be the ticket with them. Remember to keep your distance as they are easily spooked. Big snook will be in the inlets and at piers, please use heavy tackle to shorten the fight and make it easier on the breeders.

Giant snook caught in the lagoon by Hayley. 

Freshwater can be a little tougher with hot temps, but still good. I fish early and late avoiding the midday where water temps are in the mid 90s. Under docks and structure will be the key and fish slow. Live shiners are always good, but if you like artificial then I would try a suspending twitch bait or unweighted fluke. The key is to keep the bait in the strike zone as long as possible.

Pat with a beautiful summer snook.

Good luck out there!