South West Florida Freshwater Scene

Capt. Roan zumFelde 

Here comes February, not one of the best fishing months in Southwest Florida.  Coming off of a terrible start to January with red tide in our salt waters high water in the Everglades canals and Okeechobee, lots of people trying to fish just about everywhere, what can we say but “Rots of ruck, Shaggy”. Not sure where to start other than I would expect to have some water levels in Okeechobee coming down I hope; fishing there has been a little hit and miss due to very high water.  Try and find scattered grass in The Monkey Box area and look for hard shell bottom for the bedding fish. The fishing on Lake Trafford should still be productive for crappie and bass should be bedding around any cover you can find.  The Everglades canals should be picking up steam and coming around to some good fishing. Hopefully the water has come way down and the fish are more concentrated.  If we have had a mild winter with no freezes (insert prayer), the fishing for the different cichlid species should be good and getting better coming into March and the bass should be on fire.  Most of the fish are still going to react better to slower presented baits and the bass should hit well on Senko type baits.  I would expect the cichlids to hit smaller grub type jigs and Ned rigs, bass too, especially Ned jigs.  We carry a full line of Wyze Guys Ned Jigs at the shop.  I like to rig the Senko’s with a single hook or wacky style and it seems the 4 inch and 5 inch work the best in Green Red flake.  For flies this month you are going to do well on poppers for the bass and sinking or weighted patterns for everything else.  Last month’s fly of the month should be a killa on both bass and cichlids!  Good luck and good fishing and I hope everyone is able to get vaccinated.  Come visit Mike and me at Mike’s Bait House and Indian Pass Outfitters on Danford Street, next to Bayview Park in Naples and we can talk fishing.  We carry a full line of tackle including:  fly fishing needs and both saltwater and freshwater gear, food, drink, and bait.  Thanks and good fishing. Roan z

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