Paddle Power in December

December has come, and we are closing out another year. I hope that all you good folks out there had a wonderful and fishy 2018. Since the end of this month marks a time of reflection on the past year for many anglers it’s a great time to also look forward. Sure you have the memories of the big one you got, that one amazing slick calm day, and of course the one that got away. Those are all great water cooler conversation, but this is also the perfect time to look forward and plan this year’s exploits while dreaming of what will be.

With Orlando/Orange County’s central location in a state that is slap full of fishing opportunity, the list of wants and possibilities might look a lot like a young child’s Christmas list (never ending). A few of those Florida fisheries that I dream of tackling or wait on baited breath for every year might spark an interest and have you up late nights deep in planning/preparation for the kayak fishing trip of dreams.

Of course, a mention of the Space Coast just east of Orlando and it’s absolutely insane near coastal/lagoon tarpon bite all through the summer months is needed. Being a lover of all things tarpon big or small means that this is fishing that I can’t get out of my head. Not to mention I haven’t met a client yet (kayak or Boat) that doesn’t enjoy hooking and fighting a tarpon of any size. They are just a blast! How about sailfish from a kayak?

Well the winter months ahead hold the best conditions for a ride down to south Florida for what is a crazy day of fishing. I’ve had the opportunity to catch many sailfish throughout the years and I’ve caught all manner of ocean fish from a kayak, but never a sail from the kayak. Is 2019 my year to check that one off the list? I sure hope so!

Since we are already talking about south Florida, we must mention the crazy exotic freshwater species that have taken up residency to our south so swimmingly (pun intended). The haunts and homes of peacock bass and clownknife fish are practically tailor made for kayak fishing. Another fun and challenging one is red snapper fishing from a beach launched kayak in the panhandle. Just let me tell you it’s an experience you won’t forget within this lifetime.

Point is go fish! All of these tempting fisheries’ are well documented so there is tons of info for the DIY crowd, and don’t forget there will also be the charter option with top notch kayak fishing guides like myself ( that aren’t hard to find and will cut that learning curve in half if not more.

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