Paddle Power in November 2020

There are many reasons that kayak fishing appeals to anglers from the beginner level to the most seasoned salty dogs.  The ability to economically venture far from the shore, beach, or pier draws shore bound fisher folk luring them with hopes of less crowds and happy fish.  Even those that have boats already feel the draw of easy quick fishing trips eliminating trailers, gas stations, and the general headache of a busy boat ramp.  The off-road and off the beaten path ability to drop your kayak lends itself to the adventurous nature in many of us.  The list is long for reasons to look at adding a kayak to your life.  When I started doing kayak fishing charters about twelve years ago, I couldn’t have imagined the meteoric rise of modern-day kayaks and the kayak fishing industry.  It seems to only get more appealing to the masses year after year.

Of course, paddle craft fishing has been a “thing” since the dawn of humanity, but the modern version of plastic kayaks that are purposefully made to accommodate anglers and their fishy pursuits is relatively a new thing.  Advancements in gear, vessels, and associated products seems to leap every year with kayak fishing dominating expos and fishing shows on a regular basis.  One section of the kayak world that I’ve been pleased to be a part of is kayak fishing charters.  You will find it hard to go on vacation and not be able to book a world class charter with knowledgeable guides and top-notch equipment.

From Hawaii to the west coast and both coasts of Florida your options are many.  Add in some crazy international locations catering to the kayak crowd and you can find some fun no matter where you are headed.  Staying on the note of adventure and with the weather cooling.  Those of you that have already taken the kayak fishing leap should look to expand your horizons.  One of the most beautiful, rugged, and downright fishy places in Florida is the 10,000 islands in the remote area west of Miami and south of Naples.  There are accommodations to have a land-based adventure there of course, but a significantly more adventurous time can be had.  Remote island camps and days of fishing as you trek through the old Florida that once was – all to drown out the hustle and bustle of modern life.  An outstanding trip that I’ve only dreamt of and will one day do.  The advantage of our kayaks is mobility of launch area, so take that advantage and get out for some adventure.

Coastal Angler & The Angler Magazine