Spring has Sprung

Capt. Brian Boxx

The love bugs are swarming, and our clocks have jumped forward.  It is official, Spring has Sprung. The king of spring, the Tarpon, are in full migration. They are making their annual pit stops at area passes, gorging themselves on unsuspecting prey. Nothing inshore can match the power and furry of a hooked tarpon. Give him the respect earned, bow to the king when he shows his face or suffer the heartbreaking consequences. Nothing can prepare you for this battle other than the battle itself. This is a game of experience, lessons learned, and knowledge applied. Every year you fine tune your methods and gear, battle hardened, yet humbly conservative to his majesty and domain. Do you have what it takes to get your Silver?
Reel Salty Endeavours specializes in nighttime fishing charters. Enjoying our waters at night is a great way for anglers to escape the hustle and bustle of our busy daytime waterways. This is also THE prime time for nocturnal predators like snook, tarpon, and sharks. My custom flats catamaran, a Comet ProStar 20, is fully rigged to make fishing in total darkness an enjoyable and safe adventure. Book now slots are very limited. (904)-866-5050

Land Lover??? The Pompano have been plentiful along the sandbar that runs the length of our coastline. Small jigs tipped with shrimp and bounced off the bottom have been producing well, but if you just want to sit back and relax nothing beats a live sand flea on a float style pompano rig. Catching sand fleas can be fun for the whole family. I go at sunset the night before a fishing trip and use a sand flea rake to catch them. Keeping them alive is simple. Personally, I use the double boiler method with two 5-gallon buckets, YouTube will explain. Pompano make excellent table fare and are one of the few inshore species I target for food. TACO, TACO, TACO! Till Next month, Stay Salty!!!