St. Augustine Inshore

St. Augustine Inshore – November Fishing Reports

It’s “flatty” time!…. I’m talking about big “doormat” flounder. Traditionally the Fall is a great time to target and catch big flounder in St. Augustine. A live finger mullet or a big mud minnow rigged on a jighead or fish-finder rig is the go-to setup. Flounder will be holding in deep cuts in the creeks at lower tide stages as well as just about any small creek mouth or runout. It’s not uncommon to find them stacked up in these areas so if you get one make sure to try a few more casts in the same spot. Another popular spot to target the flat fish is at the inlets. They will hold close to the jetties… you’ll know you’re fishing the right spot after you’ve lost a rig or three to the rocks. It seems like every year most of the monster “doormat” founder come from in and around the inlets.

As our weather continues to cool off trout catches should be on the increase both in size and in numbers. We’ll have some big tides and a Northeast wind flow this month that should bring in some saltier, cleaner water to the backcountry. The trout seem to like the saltier water and the best bite as of report time has been closer to the inlets where the ocean water is making its way in. Toss a top-water or sub-surface plug for trout around first and last light. Two of my favorite top-water lures for trout (and redfish) are the Rapala Skitterwalk and the Rapala Skitter V. Your best bet when targeting trout is to look for moving water at creek mouths, around oyster bars, and along the ICW banks, again closer to the inlets. Sea walls, jetties, and rip-rap are also good trout haunts. The good ‘ole live shrimp under a float is always a sure thing for trout. The soft plastic STB jerkbaits from Slayer Inc. imitates a finger mullet perfectly and they have been producing some nice trout (redfish and flounder seem to love them as well). Pair them up with a 1/8 or ¼ ounce Slayer Inc. jighead and you’ve got a deadly trout combo.

Our redfish love the cooler weather and this is such a great time of year to get out there and catch them. Redfish will continue to shadow finger mullet schools this month. There should be a ton of finger mullet around so when you find a really good concentration of them you can be sure the reds won’t be far behind. Low tide creek hole fishing for reds should be hot this month as well as the banks of the ICW at low tide. Many people overlook these banks but when the tide is low and the mullet are schooled up Mr. redfish will be on the prowl! The water will continue to be fairly murky at least until the water temps really drop down so using a bait or lure with some really good action or some good scent is the best way to spark interest from a redfish. One go-to Fall redfish lure is a Saltwater Assassin Lil Boss paddle tail… the thumping tail and scent helps the fish locate the bait in our murky water. Happy Thanksgiving and Tight Lines!

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