St. Augustine Offshore

St. Augustine Offshore


Summer begins!

Its June. Calm seas, warm water and plenty of hungry fish. June is a transitional month. Bottom fishing for a variety of species is great in June. Trolling is good as well with a few Mahi, Tuna and Sailfish hanging around plus the addition of King Mackerel showing up for the nearshore angler. Take your pick, it’s all good in June.

On the trolling front, it is still worth the run to the Gulf Stream. Look for Mahi anywhere there is a current break or floating debris. Black fin Tuna and Sailfish can be found from 21 fathoms out to the shelf edge, especially if there is plenty of bait around. The Mahi can be plentiful but smaller this time of year, it pays to have a couple of lighter rigs ready. Ballyhoo sea witch combinations rigged on mono is the rig of choice.

On the bottom fishing scene Mangrove and Vermillion snapper will be abundant from 80 to 145 ft. Look for the Mangrove to be congregated on the larger wrecks and ledges. This is light tackle territory with 30# being heavy enough in most cases. If grouper is your target, fish large live baits on the bottom with at least 80# leader. This is man vs beast and only the strongest win. The variety of reef fish is astounding in June especially if you fish from 21 fathoms on out. In addition to Mangrove, Vermilion and Grouper we regularly catch Amberjack, Triggerfish, Cobia, African Pompano, Mutton snapper, Red Porgy and others. It is not unusual for us to catch 8 to 10 different species on a trip. Whatever is on your wish list June is a great month to fill it.

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