St Augustine Offshore


Fall is in the air???

October is normally the start of fall in NE FL but it sure doesn’t seem like it. September brought Irma, the strongest hurricane ever to hit the state of Florida. We also had elevated sea conditions from Jose and Maria that shut down offshore fishing for most of the month. I pray for the people of this state who have lost so much. Looking at the photos from the Keys I am ashamed to have complained about the inconvenience of no power for 7 days. I am truly blessed to have had no damage to my boats or home.

So, what to expect on the fishing front? October usually means the start of the fall Cobia migration. Any wreck or big ledge in 80to 100 ft. should have Cobia this time of year There will also be a host of other species available, Gag grouper and Vermillion snapper to name a couple. Live bait on the bottom will get plenty of bites. Live sardines would be my first choice. The fishing in 21 to 23 fathoms will be good as well with species like Trigger fish, Red. Porgy and Scamp grouper added in to the mix.

On the trolling scene, the first cold front (if we get one) normally will bring some sailfish south. Look in 150 to 200 ft. for bait and you will get some bites. Slow trolling naked ballyhoo rigged on 80# mono is your best choice.

On the fisheries management front, The SAFMC meeting was rescheduled due to Irma. I do know that the council is pushing for a Red Snapper season.  I will post the results of that decision on my website as soon as I know something.

Lets Go Fishing

Captain Robert Johnson