St Augustine Offshore


What to Catch?

Grouper are closed. Amberjack are closed. The wind destroyed the Red Snapper weekends. The question I am asked by customers is what can I catch. The answer is plenty.

On the bottom near shore anglers won’t have to go far for black Sea Bass. What they lose in size they more than make up for in eating quality. Double hook rigs with cut bait fished on just about any natural bottom in 80 to 100ft will be holding some fat fish in January. Another technique would be to use small jigs on light tackle. Anything in the 2 to 4-ounce range fished just off the bottom will produce. Speaking about jigs anglers working the larger ledges and wrecks in 100 to 120 ft. will catch plenty of Cobia. Work the jigs slowly through the water Colum, they love to eat it on the fall.

Offshore the vermillion snapper, triggerfish and red porgies will be chewing. Mutton snapper can be found on some of the deeper bottom in 150 to 165 ft. When targeting muttons, I use 50# monofilament 15 to 20 ft. in length.

If trolling is your game you are in luck. There will be plenty of Black fin tuna on the shelf edge. Smaller ballyhoo rigged naked or behind a sea witch will not only catch tuna but also the late season sailfish still around. This is a bait /temperature thing Find bait and temps over 70 degrees and you should be in business. Stay safe and stay warm.

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