St Augustine Offshore


  Calm Sea’s

It may be a little on the warm side but the perfect sea conditions more than make up for it. July is y one of the calmest months of the year. So, what to do during these picture-perfect days?  King Mackerel are King; they can be caught from the beach to 21 fathoms. large fish will be caught slow trolling live bait nearshore but. If steady action is what you’re after its hardtop beat the tried and proven planner and spoon set up. I prefer a number 3 planner and a silver spoon. Make your leader at least 30 ft. long with an inline barrel swivel in the middle. This is a great way to introduce kids to fishing .   It doesn’t hurt to pull a few surface baits as well there are allot of Sailfish caught every year within 20 miles of the beach during the summer months.

On the bottom, it is a literal smorgasbord of species that are available. Mangrove and Vermillion snapper are in full swing especially leading up to the full moon. Light tackle is the way to go when snapper fishing. The best depths are 100 to 130 ft. if you’re after a snapper dinner. Amberjack are literally everywhere from 80 to 180 ft. Large live baits or Jigs work well on the reef donkeys.

I suggest getting an early start. Pay attention to the afternoon thunder storms and wear plenty of sunscreen. Its hot out there.

Let’s Go Fishing

Captain. Robert Johnson

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