St. Johns

St. Johns – May Fishing Report


Well, we will start this with the star of the month,  “Bream.” These beauties will be rockin’ and spawnin’ on the moons of this month.  Remember not all of them go to the beds at the same time.  Baits of choice will be earth worm on the shell bars or hard bottom areas.  Also check out the coves that are around.  Also, crickets work really well.  Start looking under docks and around bedding areas.  You can usually see the beds as a white spot on the bottom.  Also, if there are enough of them in the same area, the smell test is useful.  They smell like watermelons to me. So grab some bait:  wigglers, red wigglers, earth worms or crickets, and go for it.  Also, you may want to start dipping pads.  Beetle spins will also knock them into your coolers.


Next up will be the Reds.  These babies will be hammerin’ bait shrimp, crabs and a variety of lures.Top water, spinner baits in the skinnier waters and soak that shrimp near drop-offs or in dips and holes nearer the channel.  So grab at it and go.


Largemouths that haven’t spawned should be active.  The post spawners will be looking for tasty meals (shiners) and then some of them will be going to wood.  Docks and blow downs are a good bet.  Followed closely by top water; spinner baits and buzz baits should also do the trick.  The only way you can catch them is to go, so go already.


Catfish will be active on the six to eight feet areas.  Followed closely by shallows in the lower light on after dark.  Baits will be night crawlers, earth worms, and a nice piece of bait shrimp.


Mullet will be going strong.  All you really need is some chum and wigglers and the desire to go at it.They really like wigglers, but a nice pinch of white worm also is a good bet. The areas are usually the same but a couple of new areas are out there.  So grab some split shot, #2 or #4 hook, a bobber and bait and go at it.


Croaker and yellow mouth should start at it.  Best bets are bait shrimp soaked on the bottom.  The best place to start is mile marker eighteen.  From that point on you want to grab some bait and go at it.


Well, I’ve done all I can do, so it’s time to close this forecast out.  So, ’til next time, keep your line wet and your lure movin’.–Richard.