St. Johns Fishing Report

St. Johns Fishing Report – August

St. Johns Fishing Report


Now is the time to start the serious pursuit of the Shrimp.  They’ll be getting bigger and will be available just about everywhere.  So get to it if you’re so inclined.

The saltier species are out and about.  The Reds are all over eating as much as they can.  Start by working the shallows and under docks.  Best bet is live shrimp, but clams and croaker (small ones) will work.  So go!

Next are the Stripers and Hybrids.  They’re chasing the bait and will either be around the bridges and near drop-offs.  Look for activity on the surface and around the pilings of the bridges.  Bait shrimp on the bottom or under a float works well.

Croaker and Yellow Mouth Trout are working the mile marker, as well as the channel edges.  What you need is some bait shrimp, as well as cut strips of croaker.  So get some bait and be aware of moving tides.  They bit the best on moving tides.

Largemouth will be under docks and eating shrimp like it’s going out of style.  You can still catch them on crank baits off the deep points, as well as schooling busting the bait.

Cat fishing at night is a great idea.  They love eating after dark and under the cooler conditions.  You’ll need some night crawlers or a nice piece of cut bait.  So if you have an evening for some whiskers fun, have at it.

For now, that’s got to do it.  So ’til next time, Keep your line wet and your lure moving’.–Richard.