St. Johns Fishing Report

St. Johns – September Fishing Report


Shrimpin’ has been hot, as has the Summer temps.

Largemouth should be schooling and under docks looking for a nice meal.  Baits of choice would be shiners, shrimp and/or plastics.  Carolina rigs on the drops and points and the live bait around and under docks.

Bream will be wanting to ambush baits, so around docks and in creek pads.  Baits of choice are fly poppers, crickets or wigglers.  Just go for it.

Catfish in the evening should be really good.  Fishing of the mullet wall isn’t a bad idea.  There’s a lot of food being thrown all day, so the area is ready for the bottom feeders, especially after dark.  Less crowded and probably more activity.  Baits of choice:  night crawlers, bait shrimp, beef liver or chicken liver.  So just get it and go!

Mullet fish should be off the charts.    Big, lots, and should be starting to roe up.  Baits needed–chum, wigglers, white bait and multi-hook rigs.  So grab some and go.  But keep in mind, it’s busy, busy, busy; especially on the week-ends.  So go early, get your limit and call it a day.

Croakers have been and should be getting bigger and more plentiful.  You’ll start at the mile marker “18” and keep jumping holes and deep drops til you find them.  All you need for these is some bait shrimp and night crawlers.  You’ll catch them, so get some bait and do it.

Yellow mouth should be sharing the same places as the croaker.  Best bet is strips of small croaker.  It’s like fish crack to these guys, so go to it.

Reds should be around and wanting a nice piece of crab or a bit of bait shrimp.  Start in the shallower locals early and as it gets brighter, go deeper to the drops and channels.  Don’t spend huge blocks of time.  If they’re in  your area, you should now within a half hour or so.  If no luck, move on.  Just keep at it, ’til you locate them.  Then have some fun.

Striper/ hybrids will be wanting to ambush your bait around the pilings of the Shands Bridge.  Remember, fish with a moving tide, let that bait drift past a piling and hold on.  You should do well.  Baits of choice are shiners, bait shrimp or lures.  Minnow imitations or lipless crank bait will do the job.

‘Til next time, keep your line wet and your lure movin’.–Richard