St. Johns River Fishing Report

St. Johns – December Fishing Report


Largemouth Bass should be feeding heavy for the winter cool down.  So look for schooling fish in varying areas of the river.  Also look at the points and longer sandbars.  Lipless crank baits work pretty well.  So give it a go.

The shrimp run this year has been disappointing to say the least but Cresent lake has been producing some eating size shrimp.


Mullet fishing  should be in its fading stages. The big roe mullet should be thinking about leaving the area, but can’t resist a good snack.  So give them a go if you’re so inclined. A cane pole with a small piece of worm under a small float works greart.


Testing the waters for specks isn’t a bad idea.  The bigger they are, the earlier they seem to do their thing.  Minnows, road runners, hal-flys and beetle spins work well. The  St Johns river from the Buchman bridge south  around docks and canals with deeper water is great this time of year. And if you’re not good with the river, hit some of the North Florida lakes. Santa Fee and Lockloosa and Orange lakes are also good. They’ll usually treat you right.


Redfish are still ripping up tackle.  They’re working area weed lines and the deeper areas off from these areas.  Baits include frozen shrimp, night crawlers, top water lures, shallow running crank baits.  So if you’re so inclined, go for it.


Bream are still eating the bottom.  Fishing is good and all you need is some worms and the desire to be patient and wait on the bite. Get over some shell bottom points and soak some worms on the bottom. So have fun.


Well, I’m short but usable this month.  So enjoy.  Til next time, Merry Xmas and keep your line wet and your lure movin’. — Richard.

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