St. Johns – July Fishing Report

St. Johns River – July Fishing Report


This report will be kind of short, but packed with some good information.

First up, the Shrimp have been small and in short supply.  By the latter part of this month, if they’re gong to be around, we’ll notice some larger shrimp and a few more in each net cast.  All you’ll need is a good net, some chum, and a willingness to fight the crowds.  So enjoy.

Because of the increase of bait, i.e., shrimp, shad, finger mullet, the Tarpon are cruising around Doctors Lake.  Fun to try and catch!

And because of the increase in food, the Croaker and the Weak Fish are out and about.  The small Croaker are eating the heck out of bait shrimp or worms.  When you catch a small one and want some Weak Fish or perhaps a Red Fish, all you need to do is cut into a couple of strips and put it on and hold on.

Reds are all around eating everything they want.  They’re running shallows after small crabs and shrimp.  Also, they’ll bust up schools of bait fish and do their thing.  Also eating on other swim baits, jigs, chatter baits and spinner baits.  So get at it if you have a chance.

Mullet fishing is still picking up.  Because of all the changes in bottom structure, they run more than in the past, so patience and persistence is needed.  Oh, and along with chum and bait.  So have a go!

Cat Fishing at night is a good idea, if you’re so inclined.  These whiskery fish love to come up in the shallows and eat the smaller fish and food that’s available.  All you’ll need is a bath of night crawlers or a bit of bait shrimp and you’ve got a chance.  So go to it.

Next is LargeMouth Bass.  They’ll be under docks and off of points and deeper holes waiting to ambush the bait that’s coming at them.  Also, buzz baits, top water frogs and crank baits should be the ticket, so enjoy.

Bream will be under docks, under pads and trying to bed this month.  Fly rod poppers would work well.  So do crickets, or a nice tasty gob of worm.  You should be able to catch enough for a nice meal of 10 or 11.  Then you can go in for the kill and enjoy the rush.  So grab some and get at it.

Well, like I said, short, but info packed.  W”ell, ’til next time, keep your line wet and your lure movin’.–Richard