St. John’s

St. Johns Fishing Report


Well, the fishing is really fine.  The higher than normal waters have allowed a bunch of food to filter into the river so they’re biting fine.

Mullet fishing should be going great guns.  This is assuming that the temperatures haven’t dropped so all the roe fish will be here and willing to bite.  So go at it.

Croaker should be fine with the biggest ones of the year out there biting up a storm.  Baits of choice are shrimp followed by night crawlers as they’ll bite until you get tired of catching them given the chance.  So go at it.

Reds have decided that a crab bite is good for them.  Also bait shrimp works.  Followed by plastics or top water lures.  Grass lines and then the bars are a safe bet, so go to it.

Flounder are being caught in and around Doctors Lake.  Baits of choice are live finger mullet or shiners.  Also plastic worms or grubs will work.  So go for it.

Largemouth are slamming bars; crank over and beside bars.  The bites have been good to great.  Also start exploring creek mouths with shiners to see if they’ll entertain you.

Bream in the creeks should be great.  Assuming the water recedes, then they won’t be in the woods but out in the bonnets and grass.  Use crickets, worms, beetle spins, et al.

Speck should be showing up in the creeks.  Remember the structure and the bottoms have changed drastically.  Baits needed, road runners, minnows or your choice of jigs.  The biggest fish have been caught early in the season, so keep that in mind.

Well, got to finish up for now.  So ’til next time, keep your line wet and your lure movin.’  — Richard.