St. Johns/Green Cove

St. Johns/Green Cove March Fishing Report

Well, we’ll start with the specks.  They’re going, going, and probably gone by the end of the month.  They’ll hit the right temp to drop those eggs and move on so if you are so inclined, you’ll want to hit the creeks about mid-depth, say six to eight feet, and around shallow ’til you locate them.  Then just hooking.

Next will be the bass.  They’ll be looking for the nice firm bottoms of canals, bars, flats et al; and the bucks will start making a home for the female that they have to convince to be in it.  So they, with will power and persuasion, will finally get that heavy weight females to lay those eggs and then the male duties come into play.  While all of the above is going on, you’ll catch them on shiners, crabs, lizards, worms and tubes.  Lest we forget, spinner bait ran across the top of bed eventually get them piled up for a great reaction bite.  So grab a bucket full of shiners or other bait and go for it.

Bream will be starting and going strong.  Bedding activity will be in the same areas as the large mouth, with the exception of shell crackers who’ll  be hittin’ it heavy on the shell bars.  Baits of choice will be grunt worms, wigglers and crickets.  So if at all possible, give them a try.  You’ll be happy you did.

Oh!  I almost forgot the overlooked but as tasty as anything, the war mouth.  They’ll be in the pads and more than willing to nibble on a minnow or on a nice worm.  These tasty little beauties are about as much fun as there is.  They fight like a fish twice their size and will let you have all you want on a bream buster.

Now onto the salty side of life.  Reds, smallish, but out there, will eat plastic swim baits, shiners, bait shrimp, crabs and spinner baits.  Fish near and parallel to the grass line and work it.  Don’t give up–they may be deeper, but will show up to eat.  So go already.

Stripers and hybrids will be around the end piers and then bridge pilings.  They’ll hit lipless crank baits as well as shiners, top water or plastic swim baits.

Well, I guess I’ve done enough for now.  So ’til next time, keep your line wet and your lure movin’!–Richard.