St. Marks

St. Marks February Fishing Report


February is the coldest month of the year traditionally, but if we skip winter that would be just fine with me.  The earlier we see spring fishing the better. I will assume cold is coming.

January had plenty of trout in the St Marks River.  Once those fish are that far up river, they will stay until March.  Normally they are from the public boat landing up river to the 98 Bridge.  The warm temps have kept them stretched all the way out to the lighthouse.  Keep fishing the oyster bars on warm days with less wind.  If you need to hide, stay up river.  The trout bite is very predictably unpredictable.  One day they all seem to eat, and then no one is hungry.  Best bet is to go and hope you find the hungry day.

If the weather allows find a creek.  The trout in the creeks seem to stay hungry.  The days before the passing cold fronts seem to be best.  Slow bounced jigs will catch fish.

There are plenty of reds in the rivers, but the crystal clear and usually warm flats are holding fish.  Best bet is to find a friendly shoreline on an incoming tide.  Work the edge and look for fish holding.  Long cast down the shorelines will catch fish.  Paddletail jigs or gold spoons will catch fish.

Also keep an eye on the shallow flats.  The warm weather has kept the reds hanging out a bit longer.  If it gets cold, they will run to deepwater and the creeks.  If warm continues they will hold on the flats.  A slow drift on the right flat good be magic.

Offshore there should be plenty of sea bass on the rock piles four miles and out.  Bring a cooler full of live shrimp and catch a few flounder and sheepies while you are out there.

The Guide Shop is in full motion.  February is our slowest month of the year, but it won’t be long before spring fishing is here! Call/text/email to book your days!

Capt. Mike McNamara

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