St Marks

St Marks – March Fishing Report


March can be awesome and tough in the same week!  Spring is coming, but the cold fronts and drop in temps will make catching tricky.  The blue skies days after the front can be tough days.  Always better before the front passes, and it takes a few days for the bite to recover after the front passes.

The trout bite in the river has come and gone. Maybe a few stragglers in the river, but most are in transition.  Simply means they are on their way to the flats!  Not sure if they will make it this month, but watch the water temps.  If the temps reach 67 degree’s, maybe they show.  Usually, the best bite holds until 74 degrees.  Until then, creeks and oyster bars are the ticket.

Redfish have had most the winter off, and this month there is no telling how the month will unfold.  They are still lying very shallow, warming in the sun.  Soon they will be on the prowl.  Usually when the pinfish return to the flats.  Until then, look shallow to find them guarding the creeks.  All creeks are worthy.  Jerkbaits and spoons will catch them.  Topwater on a warm day!

Offshore, black sea bass are still on the menu.  Find the rocky bottom on your chart.  Also, the first push of spanish macks could arrive.  Look for diving birds.  Don’t be surprised if under the birds is a school of reds and trout.  It worth a few cast to find out.

Spring is almost here, and the sooner the better.  St Marks Outfitters will be wide open chasing the bite!  Book your trip soon!  There are going to be plenty of fish in the net this month! CALL/TEXT/EMAIL Capt Mike


Capt. Mike McNamara