St. Marks

St. Marks Fishing Report: January 2018

January fishing can be great if you are in the right spot.  This month can be cold, and the fish will react accordingly with a slow bite.  The trick is finding the warm water.  The fish wont know its 30 degrees out if the water temperatures they are swimming in are 60 degrees.  They will bite in 60 degree water!

This month will push fish up the St Marks River.  The colder it is the farther they will push. Sometimes all the way to the Newport bridge!  Look for bait, or cormorants eating bait to key in on a location.  Tail hooked shrimp or VERY slow bounced jigs and Gulp will catch them.  It is always best to keep boats off plane while in the river.   It can be extra crowded on the weekends.

If you are looking for reds, head to the creeks.  There will be plenty in the river, but find the right creek and you will have an awesome January day of catching!  Remember anything less than 65 degrees is cold!  So, slow down those gold spoons and jerk baits.  The reds will eat, but not chase when the water temps dip below 60 degrees.  Look for a creek full of bait, and you will find the reds and trout.

Offshore most big game fish are closed.  Though there should be plenty of sea bass, and sheephead around.  Bring a hundred shrimp for a ride on a calm day, and fill a cooler. Don’t be surprised to add a few flounder to the cooler.

Enjoy the January blue skies.  As the cold fronts pass through, fish the warmest days of the week for best results.

St Marks Outfitters is still booking trips this month and next.  We would love to get you to the fish!  We will work around cold fronts, and windy days to find the bite!

Call/text/email if you need a day on the water. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!