St. Marks

St. Marks July Fishing Report


July fishing is hot! Go early or late, because HOT is certain.  We had a crazy amount of rain in June.  My guess is that it can’t rain forever.  The June rain made the water stained, and kept the water temps down.  Both are good for fishing.  Note, the water can be too stained, so look for the grass.  Moderately stained makes for hungry fish!

The trout bite should continue to be good in July.  It was good in June.  Not great, but find the spotty bottom, and you will find the trout.  Crack those corks with a shrimp pattern on a jig.  Drift the flats slowly, and work those corks!  Rig your leaders to half the water depth.

I love summer redfish.  They are spread out on most points, and willing to smash a topwater bait.  Check all the points and rock piles.  Also, hunt the grass lines.  If you burn enough grass lines, you will find reds!  Here is the best summer redfish tip.  It is time to fish the spring fed creeks.  As the water temps on the flats gets into the upper 80’s, reds will move deeper into the creeks.  The spring fed creeks will have lower water temps, and plenty of bait.  If your not sure which are spring fed, adventure in and watch your water temperature drop.  Hunt those creeks all summer for quality redfish.

Offshore we have seen plenty of cobia, but they come and go.  If you find the peek , you can catch several cobia in a morning.  Keep searching the offshore public reefs.  Sink pinfish or any other baits caught that morning.  Go early for best results.

Scallop season is open, but the rain has put the scallops on hold.  Keep your ears open for reports.  Shield’s Marina is a great place to get a report.  If not, send me a text and I will do my best to find those little jokers.

It will be hot, so book your charters early and late.  St Marks Outfitters will be running 4 hour trips both morning and evening.  We call them beat the heat trips.  There are plenty of fish to catch, and please bring the kids.  It is good summer fun!