St. Marks

St. Marks October Fishing Report

September is here! That means the rain has to stop!  It started raining in June and hasn’t stopped.  My unofficial rain gauge for St Marks is 60 plus inches!  That is a bunch of rain.  Which translates into a bunch of stained water!  August fishing was tough.  September should be much better.  Less rain and a few cool fronts will clean up the flats.  There is plenty of bait available, we just need the fish to start feeding.

The trout bite was almost gone in August.  Stained water makes it tough to catch them, and finding clean water was also tough.  Look for water to get cleaner.  If you can see the grass in 4 foot it is clean.  Zero visibility is not good for catching anything.  This month, look for the birds working bait schools.  The trout will start to feed on passing schools of glass minnows.  September is also the month of shrimp flowing from the creeks.  If we have a good shrimp flow, the creek mouths will start to hold trout.  Trout will get more aggressive as the month moves on, so keep fishing.

The same pattern holds for redfish this month.  There are redfish around, but the stained water is tough.  Visibility is low for us, and the fish, so it might take a bunch of cast to put the bait in the face of a redfish.  Best bet is to hit the creeks on high tide.  There are redfish holding on the points and grasslines that are holding bait.  Throw topwater if the floating grass will let you!

This month should see the return of Spanish, bluefish, jacks, and cobia.  All the rain has pushed most of them out of the bay.  Fall fishing is coming, and the diving birds are the best way to find the fish.  Sneak into range and cast jigs as needed.  White is best in stained water.

We still have some days open this month, and recommend booking soon for October!  Rainy summers can produce awesome fall fishing!  You want to be there when it gets cracking! CALL/TEXT/EMAIL and lets go catch fish!