St. Marks

St. Marks November Fishing Report


What a mess! Hurricanes aren’t good for your life.  Boat ramps closed for repairs, put the brakes on October fishing!  Plus there was a mess to clean up in St Marks.  This month, keep your ears open for closed ramps, but fishing should return to normal.  It’s still fall, and we left them biting like crazy!  I am expecting the same for those that need a post hurricane bite.

The trout bite in early October was going nuts! The west flats were FULL of fish. Then, we took a hurricane break.  Under normal conditions the west flats will have trout this month.  If the water temps drop fast, look for fish to move a bit deeper.  Cracking corks will catch them!  The water is much cleaner post storm.

I would normally send folks east of the lighthouse to catch reds, but this year east was DOA!  The heavy rains crushed the east.  Most redfish action was west around Piney Island.  Piney can be crowded, so keep fishing until you find them.  Post storm, might have cleaned up the east rocks.  Its worth investigating.  The rocks always have fish in the fall. Topwater is good, as long as the temps stay above 70 degrees. I am guessing all the grass was washed into the marsh.  If not, switch to spoons and  gold paddletails.

There were some late cobia passing through in October.  If it stays warm, keep your eyes open.  Also, post storm can produce an awesome gag bite.  Calm seas are worth a ride. This could be your last shot for 2018.

WARNING!  There is a bunch of traps, poles, and debris that has moved around the bay.  Might be a few missing channel markers in November.  Careful as you go this month.

St Marks Outfitters survived and with a bunch of canceled and rescheduled October trips.  We are ready for catching!  November can be awesome! Hoping for blue skies and hungry fish. Call/text/email if you need a day on the water!