St. Marks

St. Marks – March Fishing Report


We made it to March!  Spring fishing must be here!  I gave up forecasting the weather.  So far February must be the warmest in history.  March, no telling what the weather has in store.  Normally, heavy winds and a few cold fronts make for a tough start to north Florida spring fishing.  It might be 80 degrees, but the fish are swimming in water the will hold in the 60’s.  Be patient in March and search for the higher temps for best results.

In February the trout pushed into the river for a few days, but not long.  That means they are still out in sight of the lighthouse.  Working the oyster bars will catch fish.  Best bet is an incoming tide.  If the water temps climb close to 70 degrees, then look for the trout to move on the flats that have deep water close by.  Keep an eye on bait moving on to the flats this month, or the return of pinfish.  Both are great areas to target in March.

There seems to be the same redfish pattern every year in the bay.  We catch redfish.  Some days we catch a few, other days it could be triple a few, but you do have to work for those jokers.  March will be the same.  There aren’t swarms or schools of redfish running the bay.  Just a few redfish hanging on a warm flat, or working an oyster bar, or mixing among some mullet or guarding rocks.  You need to go check those spots.  Toss them a jig or shrimp and they will eat it.  If you are lucky, you could find a bunch, and have one of those redfish kinda days.

March is also an awesome month to hit the public reefs.  Bring shrimp!  The sheephead should be there, and shrimp will be needed.  There could be some grunts, seabass, and flounder mixed in.  Find a calm day and take a ride.  You may also find the first push of Spanish macks.  They always hit the reefs on their way into the bay.

We are booking trips this month!  We are hoping for a warm and dry March, so there will be plenty of days to fish!  Give me a call/text/email to book a day!