St Marks Fishing Report: 03/2017

I must admit. I haven’t seen anything like it in 20 years of fishing the Big Bend. This is the year without a winter. Mid February, and the flip-flops are in full effect. What is going to happen to the fishing? I am guessing it is going to be awesome! With a heavy dose of March wind, lets see how it all plays out.


Trout should be laying low with water temps below 62 this month, but not the case so far. They still have to hang tight to land until water temps reach 68, or so. So, fishing the edge of stuff is the best bet this month. Oyster bars, rock piles, and marsh grass will hold fish. Keep throwing small baits until it reaches 70, and the pinfish return to the flats. Paddletails on a jighead will catch them.


It should be a banner spring for redfish. They shouldn’t be starving to death and confused as they sometimes get in the winter. The warmer flats have kept them eating all winter. If the rains are light this spring, the redfish bite will be on fire! Same as with trout, keep your baits small. Topwater usually doesn’t get good until April, but this year, let them fly. The sooner they start crunching topwater the better!


March will also see a push of pelagics. I am always interested in when the first mackerel arrives. How about the first smash and drag of a 10 pound jack! A nice push of pompano is very possible. Sheephead will be piled up on the public reefs, with a flounder or two mixed in. Seabass trips are worthy if the wind is calm. All can be caught on a live shrimp.


I am jacked up about early spring! The boats are rigged and ready to fly by March 1st. So give me a call/text/email and lets go make drag sound! Meanwhile, I will be praying for very little rain, and less wind! Warm is good, and the fish are coming!


Forecast By:
Capt. Mike McNamara
Publisher of Coastal Angler Magazine Big Bend Edition
(850) 510-7919