St Marks Fishing Report: 04/2017

St Marks Fishing Report

We have been waiting for April, since last April.  It is here.  Truth is it can be outstanding, or push outstanding until May.  It is all about the bait coming back to the area.  When the bait returns, everything will follow, and be hungry!


The speckled trout report is looking good.  We caught plenty of fat trout last month, and the numbers seem to be holding.  I am still weary of the few years when they went missing, but last year they returned in big numbers.  In April, all the normal spots are worthy checking.  The rock piles, and oyster bar points are first.  By the end of the month, look for them to spread across the flats.  The pinfish will be there invitation back.  Best bet is to work the sand holes, mixed with grass, and crack a cork.  All corks work, and in the spring my jigs have a DOA paddletail on most rigs.  Though the white Gulp shrimp is soon to follow.


The redfish numbers seem to be holding as well.  The little jokers aren’t everywhere.  You have to search, and catch.  The most reliable spots are east of the lighthouse, usually inside the nasty rocks.  The only way in is to pay your dues.  Travel safe, and find a shoreline.  Work the shoreline with gold spoons and topwater.  If you work enough shoreline, you are bound to find a few.  In April, you could find a bunch!


The pelagics should return this month.  We have already seen a few bluefish and ladyfish arrive.  The mackerel won’t be far behind.  Keep any eye on the diving pelicans.  The have been starving all winter, without bait, and when the bait shows up, they will be there.  Under the bait will be schools of hungry fish! Including trout and reds!


St Marks Outfitters is in full service!  Boats are ready and rods are rigged!  We still have a few days available in April.  Call/text/email and we will get you to the fish!


Happy Easter and Thank you Jesus,

Cant. Mike McNamara

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