St. Marks Fishing Report: Oct 2013

by Capt. Mike McNamara
Here we go. October is the month. If you like to catch fish, it is time to go. The record summer rainfall is gone, and the water is starting to clear. It is hot but not scorching hot. The days are getting shorter, and the water temps are dropping to the perfect temperature for hungry fish. There is a shrimp hatch happening, and the mullet are starting to gather. This is fall fishing.

Here is the importance of fall fishing: Some folks think fall fishing is a season, maybe even months long, but not in my experience. Just like spring fishing, it can be awesome, and gone in three weeks. So, if you are going fishing this year, October is the month.  The trout bite should be as good as it gets. They have been on vacation all summer, with very little fishing pressure. They should be in the same places as you would find them every fall. Those are the spotty bottom, mix of sand and grass flats. Also, every creek mouth should hold fish. Some better than others, but outgoing tides will be good. Cracking a cork with a jig head and plastic will catch fish. Throwing topwater will be my favorite thing to do this month. I will find a nice outgoing tide on a calm evening, and fish till sunset. I will be throwing small topwater baits like the Super Spook Jr. and maybe mix it up with a popper, Heddon makes great poppers.

As for redfish, the dirty water has them bunched up pretty tight. I have seen more schools of fish this summer. This is not a bad thing, but can make finding them a bit harder. Keep working the creeks and oyster bars until you find your fish. Also, keep an eye on the surrounding water on calm days. Redfish in schools push wakes; even in deep water. They like to swim up top, and nothing pushes a wake like a school of redfish. Well, maybe jacks, but if you see a wake, go fish. The redfish should be in crazed feeding mode this month, so almost anything will catch them. I will be finding them with a Mirrolure Top Dog Jr. and mixing it up with gold spoons and jerk baits.

October is also a great month to target  flounder. They will be on the move this month, and should be an easy target around most oyster bars. Flounder fishing, unlike most fishing, can be very productive on slack tide. Remember, if you bounce your jig fast, you will catch other stuff, but if you work it a bit slower flounder. If you find one, there should be more around.

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FORECAST BY: Captain Mike McNamara call/text 850-510-7919