St Marks Fishing Report


May is my favorite month to fish.  The water temperatures are no longer a factor, and the fish are hungry! The bait is back, and the winds are less.  May should be awesome, as it always is.


The trout bite in April was spectacular! After the last cold front early, the bite turned on.  We had constant trips of 50 to 75 trout days, with enough slot fish for dinner.  What that means for May is there are plenty of trout around.  Some years I worry, but this month should be fantastic.  ALL TROUT will eat a cracking cork and jig combination.  White Gulp shrimp will catch them.  Concentrate of sand and grass areas.  Adjust your leaders to find the middle of the water depth.


The redfish bite has been slow west of the lighthouse, but I have been hearing great things about east of the lighthouse.  April keeps most redfish schooled up, but May they will spread out a bit.  So catching a few on the rocks east of the lighthouse should be easier.  It is full topwater season, so throwing anything in the walk the dog motion will find redfish.  If your not certain how to walk your dog, Google.  Local favorite topwater lures included One Knockers, Mirrolures, and Skitterwalks, all in bone or white.


Cobia should be back on the menu this month.  It is time to start carrying the big rod.  Spooled with 30 pound braided line and a 40 pound fluorocarbon leader.  Throw big jigs or pinfish on a circle hook.


As for the rest of the hungry fish, they will be here this month.  There are plenty of Spanish macks, bluefish, ladyfish, sharks, and a few pompanos.  Look for the birds feeding, and fish attacking from below.  It is that time of the year again!  May is my favorite month to fish.


If you need a day on the water, there are still days available in May.  The rods stay rigged and ready this time of the year, so short notice sometimes is worth the call.  Call/text/email and we will go catch stuff!


Capt. Mike McNamara

(850) 510-7919