Start With Points

by: Joe Sheaffer

I am often asked by friends and fellow anglers, “What areas do you like to fish”? Many times, I have a plan for my fishing days but there are times when I’m fishing a new area, or I haven’t fished for in a while. During those situations I do have a go too plan. The old phrase never pass up a point comes to mind. Points are great places to start. In saying that, not all points are the same, figuring out what points might be more productive than others can be a key to a great day. I like points that have a good current flow, many fish are looking for a current break and points definitely change current flow. Tide typically will be the main catalyst for current, but wind can push water creating water flow. Finding points that have deeper water or are close to deeper water can be very good, especially if the deeper side of the point is down current. Fish will set up in those deeper sections waiting for the current to bring them the groceries. Points next to funnel areas, such as stretches between islands or hard structures can be very good. There usually will be very good current flow around these points. Points that have bait on or near them can be very good. Again, the fish like current breaks and that fact there is a noticeable food source on or near the point should get our full attention. One last key, if a point has 2 or 3 of these things going on at one time that should almost be automatic for fish activity. Once you figure out what points fish seem to be relating to, can help develop a pattern for your day or at least a place to start. When in doubt, start with points, good luck keep casting.