Steady Fishing!

Capt. Travis Freeman

Hello again to all my fellow and future anglers. October means the snook are making their way back up the passes and inlets, heading back into the rivers and backcountry to feed and live in the small creeks and rivers. To me October is one of the best months to fish down here in Everglades City and Chokoloskee areas! Redfish love to eat a fresh live shrimp hanging down about 6” to 10” from the bottom, suspended by a simple popping cork hooked with a number 3 or number 4 circle hook, or my favorite a regular old hook lol suspended off of 3’ to 4’ of 30 to 40-pound fluorocarbon leader, depending on the depth and structure you’re fishing at the time. Permit are another reason October is always one, out of 4 of MY favorite months to fish in Everglades City/Chokoloskee areas! No other month is like October, as far as catching permit goes! It’s as simple as easing around and looking along the flats for their fins, about 4” to 10”  out of the water and any type of structure or bait, as you make your way into deeper water. It never hurts to have some live baby blue crabs on a #6 circle hook with 40 to 50-pound fluorocarbon leader when it comes to permit. Also, cobia and tripletail have been eating crabs as well, but they will hit a live shrimp or a soft jerk bait at any given time and 9 times out of 10, if you’re looking for permit you’re going to run into a few cobia and or tripletail. And of course, the trout are still all over the grass flats as usual. Popping cork and a shrimp or cast a soft rubber paddletail and you can’t miss a seatrout in these waters! Of course, the Goliath grouper have been another super fun fish to catch, anywhere from 5 pounds all the way up to 250 pounds! They are all over the place in the rivers and passes, mostly juveniles 5 to 20 pounds on 7ft medium action rods with 20 to 30-pound test and of course, 3 or 4ft of fluorocarbon leader, but we can always drop down a live 10-pound jack on the heavy Goliath grouper rod and see if we can get a 250+ pounder to the surface! That’s always super fun and because it is October, these fish will be in the area for a while. I hope I was able to help my fellow anglers, so anytime you’re ready just give me a call!

Contact info:

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