Summertime Fishing is Here!

By: Capt. Billy Norris

Along with the change in the weather comes the change in our fishing pattern and this past month has been excellent!  Backwater and offshore have been equally fantastic!  We do have hurricane season coming, but other than that, it should be great.  Backwater has continued to produce quality snook, plenty of redfish, and an abundance of trout.  Bait has been prevalent along the beaches, as well as the grass flats.  Chumming with dry chum will suck them right in next to your boat.  There has also been pompano, big jacks, and a variety of other species actively taking baits.

Most of our time this past month has been taking place offshore.  There have been plenty of fish ready to take baits.  The star of the month has definitely been cobia.  For some reason, this year has been better than most cobia fishing, with some stud fish meeting the gaff.  Cobia are a strange species and can be caught doing everything from bottom fishing to sight fishing on the surface.  A few fish we caught were some tournament-winning class fish and being some of the best table fare fish in the Gulf of Mexico is also a bonus.  There has also been an abundance of grouper.  Gags have been closed for a while, but their hard fighting, drag screaming action still makes for a great experience.  Goliaths have also showed up in big numbers, so if you want to test your gear drop big baits over the reefs and wrecks and see who’s down there!

Tarpon have also been prevalent along our coastlines, and if you can locate a school, you can definitely get on them.  They have been taking a variety of baits including crabs, threadfins, large pinfish and even cut bait on the bottom.

The fishing should continue to be awesome as we move into summer, so call today to book your trip!  Be sure to follow Pale Horse Fishing Charters on Facebook and Instagram, and we recently put up a YouTube channel with our daily adventures so like and subscribe to the channel for up-to-date fishing reports and videos!