Tea Colored Water

by: Capt. Dave Stephens

As the heart of hurricane season is in full effect here on the Gulf Coast, a lot of things are happening. The rains we have been getting are turning our local waters darker. The browning of the waters is not dirty, as it is just coming from the runoff. The excess runoff flowing through the foliage on the ground, running through the soil turns our waters a tea color. For thousands of years this has happened, and it actually keeps our harbors healthy! Fall on Charlotte Harbor is the best time for our spectacular fishery. As large schools of mullet gather, they stir up the bottom for food sources that attracts redfish to feed on. If you’re a predator fish looking for an easy meal, these are the guys you want to follow around. Snooks are the most sensitive to weather changes. They can survive in freshwater, the only problem is a certain level of salinity is required for spawning. Schools of lady fish feeding will bring in one fish that everyone is looking for. Yes, it’s the King. When these lady fish go into a feeding frenzy that’s when the big tarpon show up. If you would like to experience some of Charlotte Harbors finest fishing, feel free to give us a call or send an email, all of our trips are private and customized to fit you and your party’s needs.