Temperatures Right for Ultra-Light!

Capt. Brian Boxx

The end of 2020! THANK GOD! What a ride it has been, but the year is what you make it. We have all overcome great obstacles and adjusted to a new normal. I think we all owe ourselves some time on the water to reset and prepare for a new year. Think hard about what you want 2021 to be, then set goals for yourself to achieve. My first Goal of the New Year is building a YouTube channel. I’ve worked all 2020 to build my B-roll now its SHOWTIME.

Now, the temperature’s right for Ultra-Light. If you follow my articles you know each season I try to mix up my fishing. There are SO many choices here in Paradise, this keeps me from becoming complacent. Ultra-light season for me is a mix of salt and fresh. There is something to be said about the feel and challenge of light gear. Our freshwater canals are a great place to kick off this endeavor. During the winter months vegetation growth is down in the canals making it an ideal time to use Ultra-Light gear. South Florida’s curse of invasive species is a blessing in the same breath. With multitudes of exotics you NEVER know what you may catch. Light tackle fishing is all about finesse and technique. My setup consists of a 2000 size SharkyIII reel, spooled w/ 8lb KastKing Extreamus braid and paired with a light fast action Resolute rod. I love a small suspending twitch bait or a weedless rigged soft plastic and so do the Peacocks.

On the Salty side, I jump up to 15lb Extremeus braid. For lures I keep it simple, switching between a 2in suspending twitch bait and a ¼oz-½oz Jig. Jig weight depends on conditions and depth to keep it on or near the bottom. I tip the jigs with a strip of FishBites and work it slow letting the scent do the work. Deen Ryan is a true master of his trade and ties extremely high-quality jigs. I highly recommend you order some and see for yourself; Deen’s Pompano Jig available at www.RDFishingTackle.com  Pompano have been slamming tipped jigs on the inner bay flats, sharp current swept sandbar edges, and washouts on the beaches. Looks like we’re having fish tacos again for Christmas dinner!

Our waterways are extremely busy now that season has arrived. Please boat safely and sober.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Floribbean! Catch you in 2021!