The Beauty of The Everglades

By: Capt. Travis Freeman

As we know in July the water temperature is almost as high as it will get during the summer months here in the Everglades. The surface temperature has been between 82 and 85 degrees which is hot but common, as it also makes for very aggressive and active fish. With all the rain fall, most of the larger female snook (20-25lbs) are on the outside islands and out in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This time of the year, the female snook are spawning and they tend to be in very large school or groups along the rocks and structures across the ocean bottom. These fish live here year-round, and they will come back inshore from early fall until late spring and then they will head back offshore like they’re doing now to make many more baby snook! Casting a large 6’ to 10’ swim bait or paddle along any structures in the open gulf from 6ft of water all the way out to about 35ft of water is one of my favorite ways to hook up with these giants. In my opinion, if you’ve never experienced the power of a 20 plus pound Southwest Florida snook, you’ve been missing out. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and catching these monster summer snook is always one of the best ways to make memories that will last a lifetime. One thing I really enjoy talking about is the beauty of the Florida Everglades and how special this area really is. I grew up here and I’m a 4th generation local to the area and even after all these years of hunting and fishing in the area, I still find myself very grateful and blessed to able to live and work in such and amazing place! This place has some of the best inshore and offshore fishing that the Gulf of Mexico has to offer not to mention all the awesome wildlife and sunsets that are made for post cards. Our own piece of paradise right here in Southwest Florida. For me just jumping on the bay boat and cruising around site seeing can be just as fun as catching that bucket list fish of a lifetime, but either way it’s up to you. Give me a call @2392852971 or check out my website and let’s get you out on the water for your bucket list trip with an awesome view!