The Warming Trend

By: Capt. Dave Stephens

Its looking like we are having an early spring here in Southwest Florida. Not only do we feel the warmth, but our local fishery also is feeling it. Over the past couple weeks, we have seen a large influx of snook, and the jacks are starting their spring feeding frenzy. The one that we all look forward to is the return of the snook. These guys have been lying dormant waiting for warming water temps to let them know it is now time to start feeding. Well, the last couple of weeks have not disappointed and we have been bringing in plenty of fish to boat. Some of our long-time clients have caught their personal best snook and when the snook bite slows down in between the tides, we have been playing with some really nice jacks. These guys are without a doubt one of the hardest fighting fish and you will certainly get a workout. As our waters continue to rise, we should hopefully see some tarpon also start to show up and the rumors are they are not too far south of us!  We are fortunate enough to have some residential tarpon that will begin to feed early and these fish for the most part are what we call juveniles. Even these younger fish can put up a strong fight and are known for spending lots of time in the air and put on quite an arial show. As our water continues on its warming trend over the next month or two, so will our fishery. If you would like to experience some of Southwest Florida’s finest fishing, give us a call or send an email. All of our charters are private and custom to your party’s needs.