Why It’s Time To Start Saving For Your Own Fishing Cabin

With angling creating a $125 billion impact on the national economy, spending unnecessary money on lodgings and accommodation shouldn’t have to be part of the bill. Serious anglers who wish to spend all their free time along the shorelines or out on the boat should consider making their hobby a little more permanent. Instead of having to justify purchases that don’t really add value to the estate, why not focus on a property that does? Discover why a fishing cabin or cottage might just be the best investment yet.

fishing cabin

Properties tend to appreciate in value over the long haul

While the markets change from time to time and even the property market can hit a slump, this is very rarely the case and properties tend to stand the test of time. There are a number of reasons why a fishing cabin can enjoy even more of a boost, and here’s why:

  • Properties situated near lakes or bodies of water tend to draw a higher price tag, as this is a coveted location.
  • Fishing can be listed as one of the amenities, which ups the value again.
  • Additional weekends away can be scheduled to make some necessary upgrades that will appeal to other fishing enthusiasts, which means higher value.

It’s easier than you think

The most important first step to take before striking out and purchasing a property is to first determine where most of the angling magic will happen. Buying a cabin on a lake in Michigan seems great, but if you’re into Mahi Mahi or bass fishing in Florida, that might be a problem. Once the location is sorted, it’s time to have a look at the property options. Existing properties on the property market might be a good option, however, for those who want a truly bespoke fishing cabin a new build might just be it. The advantage of going with a new build log cabin is that anglers can design it to suit their needs and budget.

Passive income in the off-season

Fishing cabins can be the ideal getaway for those who want to escape the hubbub of the city life and just relax in nature. Anglers who have their own cabin can rent it out to those who want a getaway weekend. This provides them with a passive income to cover the utilities in the off-season.

Anglers who have a passion for their sport and wish to take it into their retirement should consider investing in a cabin of their own. Not only is this a great way to build up the asset portfolio, but it can also serve as an additional income.

by Jennifer Dawson

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