Tips to Keep Your Angling Gear Secure

Angling continues to be a very popular past time in the USA, with at least 49 million Americans angling at least once every year, according to a recent report by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA). Collectively, these anglers spend in the region of $50 billion in gear and trips on an annual basis. Whether you are a competitive angler or simply take to the water as a means to relax, taking care of your gear is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, keeping your gear as safe and secure as possible becomes increasingly easier when you follow a few basic guidelines.

Store your gear properly

Storing your angling gear properly is paramount to it remaining safe and secure. When packing up for a long period of time, make sure that your gear is safely locked away in your garage, garden shed, or other storage space. Check to make sure your gear is not exposed to the elements in any way. Always store your rods in a vertical position to prevent them from bending, and clean them properly after use. If you take your reels apart during off-season, consider making use of job tags to make it easier to identify the pieces when it comes to the reassembly process. Check on your gear periodically to warrant against theft or damage.

Invest in locking truck bed rod holders

While transporting your angling gear in the back of your truck is very convenient, it does not score high in the safety and security department. Fishing rods and other gear that are transported on an open truck bed are at a greater risk of being damaged or stolen. Even just stepping away from your truck for a few minutes while buying bait at the local tackle shop can result in your gear being stolen. A truck bed fishing rod holder with rod locks can help keep your angling rods secure, while a locked tackle box that can be secured to the truck bed will keep the rest of your gear safe. Buying a truck bed cover or topper is another way to keep your angling gear, and anything else of value, secure while transporting it in your truck.

Take out an insurance policy

Even if your angling gear isn’t worth tens of thousands of dollars, having it insured may turn out to be well worth your while. Replacing damaged or stolen gear can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you have not budgeted for the expense. If the value of your fishing gear does not warrant a stand-alone insurance policy, consider having it specified under your homeowner’s or boating insurance policies. Just remember that every insurance policy is unique, and you will have to check with your service provider what procedures need to be followed.

Both competitive and casual anglers need to take good care of their gear. Thankfully keeping your rods and other gear secure can be achieved with relative ease.

~ By Jennifer Dawson

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